•     hub sciencedirect scopus applications register login login go to scival suite username: password: remember me | not registered? Forgotten your username or password? do teenagers use viagra Go to athens / institution login remote access activation home publications search my settings my alerts shopping cart help export citation purchase more options... generic viagra online Email article signed up for journal alerts [remove] alert me about new articles in this journal your selection(s) could not be saved due to an internal error. mix viagra with viagra Please try again. Search     all fields     author advanced search     journal/book title     volume   issue   page search tips article outline is loading... buy liquid viagra for women Javascript required for article outline biochemical and biophysical research communications volume 112, issue 1, 15 april 1983, pages 191–197 pseudo arylsulfatase a deficiency: evidence for a structurally altered enzyme arvan l. Fluharty, william e. Meek, hayato kihara ucla school of medicine mental retardation research center group lanterman state hospital, pomona, ca 91769 usa received 22 february 1983 available online 7 december 2004 how to cite or link using doi permissions & reprints view full text purchase $41. 95 abstract analysis of arylsulfatase a from pseudo arylsulfatase a deficiency fibroblasts by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoradiochemical nitrocellulose blot radiography revealed two subunit bands which migrated faster than subunit bands of enzyme from normal fibroblasts. cost of generic viagra 100mg Immunoreactive material was present only at levels comparable to enzyme activity. cheap viagra generic canada These findings imply that arylsulfatase a in pseudodeficiency is structurally altered, but it is catalytically equivalent to normal arylsulfatase a. This altered enzyme must be the product of the pseudodeficiency gene since no immunoreactive product of the metachromatic leukodystrophy gene could be detected in metachromatic leukodystrophy cells by the procedure employed. viagra for sale It is not clear from the present data if the attenuated arylsulfatase a activity in pseudodeficiency results from a decreased rate of synthesis or an increased lability of the mutant enzyme. cheap generic viagra There are no figures or tables for this document. viagra coupon Copyright © 1983 published by elsevier inc. Bibliographic infor. viagra no prescription ASESORAMIENTO CONTABLE

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